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Marvellous Mirrored Stacking Doughnuts

Marvellous Mirrored Stacking Doughnuts

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Suitable from birth


Length: Extra-Large 15cm, Large 12cm, Medium 10cm, Small 8cm
Width: Extra-Large 15cm, Large 12cm, Medium 10cm, Small 8cm

Cleaning Instructions

Wipe clean


Pack size: Eight (2 x Extra-large, 2 x Large, 2 x Medium 2 x Small)
Material: Plastic (Phthalate free)


12 Months

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About this item:

These beautifully tactile metallic-finish doughnuts are curious and intriguing; and they offer countless opportunities for play.

Made in a range of sizes, they are brilliant for stacking, sorting, rolling and threading. Each is mirrored, providing interest in a child's own reflection and their surroundings. They also have a treasure-like quality which is extremely appealing to children, and adults too!

The doughnuts are a complementary addition to other toys, such as blocks, animals, cars, materials and containers. They stack nicely on a kitchen roll holder and are slightly curved, so provide quite the challenge when it comes to construction-type play.

Supporting development: 

  • A great sensory toy for younger babies as they explore the mirrored metallic doughnuts with their hands, feet and mouth.  
  • Perfect for understanding some early mathematical concepts such as size, shape, sorting, stacking, counting and ordering. 
  • Adding household items, like a kitchen roll holder, a stick or material can encourage children to think creatively and critically about how to use them. 


Note: These are not suitable to be used in sand and water. Avoid use in direct sunlight. Not suitable to be left outdoors.  

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Alistair Bryce-Clegg

Child Development Expert

These create so many opportunities for interaction and experimentation and are lovely to touch and feel – would like a set for my desk – mind you, I would never get any work done! 

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