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Sensory Mirrored Stacking Pebbles

Sensory Mirrored Stacking Pebbles

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Suitable for 10 months +

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Length: Large 15cm, Medium 8cm, Small 6cm, Extra Small 4.5cm
Height: Large 5cm, Medium 2.6cm, Small 2cm, Extra Small 1.5cm

Cleaning Instructions

Wipe clean


Pack Size: Eight (2 x Large, 2 x Medium, 2 x Small, 2 x Extra Small)
Material: Plastic (phthalate free)


12 Months

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About this item:

These beautiful, mirrored pebbles will fascinate both babies and children alike. With a clean metallic finish, they come in a set of eight, and are perfect for stacking, sorting, sequencing and counting.

They can also be a great addition to other toys such as small animals, people and vehicles, and their reflective metallic surfaces make for a wonderful sensory experience as babies explore their own reflection and feel the smooth rounded corners.

The pebbles' curved edges make them perfect for small hands, while also providing a challenging construction edge, helping children learn about weight distribution, shape and size as they build with them.


Supporting development:

  • Super for sensory development as babies and children explore the smooth, mirrored surfaces and reflective properties. 
  • Support an understanding of early mathematical concepts, such as shape, size, counting and sequencing. 
  • Encourage imaginative play, being used as pirates' treasure, spaceships, planets and whatever else your child conjures up! 

Note: These are not suitable to be used in sand and water. Avoid use in direct sunlight. Not suitable to be left outdoors. 

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