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Wooden Treasure Cylinder Rolling Pin

Wooden Treasure Cylinder Rolling Pin

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Length: 36cm
Width: 10cm

Cleaning Instructions

Wipe clean


Material: Poplar wood


12 Months

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About this item:

This wooden cylinder is a lovely addition to a baby's playthings. Filled with treasure, it's a great way to encourage babies to explore how they can move and practice cause and effect by rolling, shaking, twisting and turning it.

Made from poplar wood, it has been designed to last, so will be enjoyed from generation to generation. The versatile nature of this cylinder means that as a child grows, it can also be used as a rolling pin for dough or in pretend play.


Supporting development:

  • Provides an engaging sensory experience for your baby as they shake, watch and listen to the treasure move around the cylinder. 
  • Supports physical development as babies try to reach for the cylinder and move it in various ways. 
  • Rolling pins build dexterity and hand control as they learn to hold and move the toy. It also encourages critical thinking as it requires the correct amount of pressure to roll on different surfaces.


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